Go foreign to understand your local market

Aadvice has its focus on those markets in the EU where the development of certain markets are lacking behind with their neighbouring countries. The Waste-market in Europe where Aadvice was involved with over the last decade is his specialty. This new market has developed over the last decade in especially Germany, BeNeLux and Denmark at accelerated pace and has become a mature market by now. Other countries have to follow due to the EU regulation and the national target setting of countries.

Here Aadvice could support companies in taking the right decisions for future business based on historical facts of the aforementioned countries. Next to it, Aadvice is in a position to indicate waste streams e.g Waste to energy (WtE), for im- or export possibilities now but also in the future.

Despite the regulated environment in which waste is captured in every country, waste will keep acting like water, flowing to the lowest point; meaning that waste is also strongly margin driven. For that reason, waste will not be stopped by borders. In general the waste landscape will not follow the philosophy as laid down in the governmental regulations. Aadvice can help you to predict the future waste landscape with the threats and opportunities for your company.

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